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Konrad “The Bear” Slezak

How it all started

The everlasting adventure with classic cars for him started nearly 20 years ago. First own car required a bottom up restoration – that was performed mostly by himself. At that time the classic car market was inexistent – neither parts nor specialists were easily available.

During those almost 20 years, not only he grew his experience by restoring classic cars, but he also leveraged his education in the area of electronics and computer science to achieve even more. Mechanical mods of braking systems, suspension and transmission were quickly broaden with electronic fuel injection and ignition control systems modifications. He performed his first own engine swap at age of 21 and since more than 8 years he is building classics equipped with standalone EFI controllers (i.e. MegaSquirt, Ecumaster, Electromotive). 

The Porsche journey

During his early teenage years a draw towards air-cooled cars developed. Being present at VW Beetle and Bulli owners’ meetings resulted in many friendships with positively crazy ones. Time passed and the interest developed into passion – quite a long time before getting his first own air-cooled Porsche – a 911 Carrera 3.2. Later more cars from Zuffenhausen appeared in his life and the passion became the way of living.

Engineering & Design

Being passionate about more than one thing gave the opportunity to mix both. Computer engineering, electronics, cybernetics and 3D modeling using CAD software allowed him to reinvent the definition of a modern classic. By using latest cutting edge technology to power up the hearths of the classic cars he built projects that not only were individual to their owners, but truly unique. None of the Porsche engineers have even dreamt about theses possibilities decades ago.


Working with classic cars for that many years and sharing all the experience and knowledge is really satisfying. He is a member of a number of classic cars’ forums where he shares what he knows to help others overcome difficulties and issues they approach. Regularly taking part in classic Porsche owners’ meetings to share his passion and adventures with others.