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If you think there is no-one that can do what you need, usually it’s what we do. Things that are too complex, needed “just this only one time” or just impossible to do for others – this is where our business started. Fabricating elements in aluminium, designing and prototyping custom parts that are finally CNC machined or just doing things slightly different to make that difference is our daily work.

Interesting custom works:
Porsche 964 Aluminium fuel tank
Porsche 951 / 944 Turbo billet fuel rail
BMW E9 Race Brakes with parking brake

Custom Aluminium Fuel Tank

This is one of our projects where we helped in the impossible area. The backdated Porsche 964 needed a custom center filled fuel tank that would seal agains the center hole in the bonnet. The important notes were to keep stock mounting points, fuel level sender, sump, add baffles that would stop fuel from moving around in tight corners (change of mass, fuel starvation) and capacity of not less than 80 liter. And it had to shine.

Porsche 951 / 944 Turbo billet fuel rail

Made of 6061 Aluminium fuel rail extrusion for superb quality and lifetime service. The factory fuel rail is made of low quality metal alloy that over years develops small cracks (especially around mount points). These cracks leak fuel directly onto hot engine and can be the main cause for fire. The stock fuel rail is non weldable and can be repaired only by brazing techniques, but just for the time until new cracks develop. The sooner the stock one is replaced by a high quality after market fuel rail the better.

BMW E9 Race Brakes

While we focus on Air-cooled Porsches, we might deviate slightly for an interesting project. This is one of them. The BMW E9 (the 6 series predecessor) might be thought as a luxurious coupe. There were though racing variants like the E9 CSL that had everything better, stronger and lighter. We were asked to design and produce a racing set of brakes for a sleeper E9 that would include the emergency brake and bolt on. We used genuine Brembo 4 piston calipers for the front with 315mm rotors and genuine Brembo 2 piston calipers with 300mm rear rotors. All parts CNC made from 7076 T6 aluminium for weight saving and superior strength.